Today, I finally tackled my home office space. I had to get rid of all the clutter, take my crap out of boxes, and just make the space feel like a productive one. It took me all damn day. I didn’t get a chance to write a word.

My first mistake was trying to arrange and unpack with toddlers in the area. My one year old daughtee and three year old son had to touch, see, and inspect every item I removed from the box. When unpacking was doomed, I pulled out the paper shredder and triex to purge sone expired files. Well that led to a fight over who gets to “feed the monster,” and I had to quit until hubs came back.

The second problem was a furniture pickup that I thought would be 10 minutes of fresh air. It ended up being 90 minutes of driving in Children of the Corn territory.  That $10 office chair also cost me a half tank of gas in addition to my time.

The next thing that prolonged my cleaning wasnt related to cleaning at all. Not even as close as the chair either. My 16 year old had a painting in a gallery show tonight. So hubs made dinner and tackled one toddler. I took the other to the show, which was quite good.

So I get home, answer a few emails, do some more straightening, only to find thst bedtime comes too fast.

And, I had gone a day without writing a word.

This post is to rectify that, but I still feel as twitchy as a crackhead in need of  fix. My addiction is sated for now. I hsve a writing session planned for the morning. Better not miss it.


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