Today I spent too much time worried about a damn Twitter Troll. This woman was so determined to put me in my place that she ranted for four posts! Her problem. 

I used first person pronouns way too much and she didn’t like it.

America. Readers. Fellow writers. Don’t you EVER fix your cursor or your mouth to criticize a work with “I don’t like it.” It is:

  1. Obtuse
  2. Selfish
  3. Pointless
  4. Not constuctive
  5. And not actionable.

You tell me that something in my writing stinks and you “don’t like it” then how is that going to help me as a writer? You gave no specific rule broken or even a fix. Dafuq, man. 

Furthermore, what good did those words do by being spoken? Help you feel better? Well thats selfish because you are not rhe writer and you have no stake in the story. So try again, why did you even have to speak those words? The answer is, you don’t.  

By coming into my space where my words are and typing “I don’t like it” you are pissing all over my product for your own satisfaction. Whatever problem you have with me or my work is your own and has nothing to do with me. 

So, before you go and type some form of “I don’t like it” as a critique of someone’s writing, ask yourself:

  1. Are your words helpful?
  2. Do they offer a solution?
  3. Do they even point to a problem?
  4. Do you even have a stake in this writings existence? 

If you cant answer yes to more than one of these questions, then your problem is not with the writing. Your problem is in your own damn head and you almost trolled a writer.

Know better. Do better.


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