You’ve heard the news by now that the AMC and Sundance execs say they are on the fence about giving their hit show “Hap and Leonard” the fourth season. This after season 3 was their most engaging in social media and their most critically acclaimed. For some reason, it seems like they are completely unconvinced about giving the show another go.

That’s where you come in.

Below is a letter you can copy and paste into your email to send to . Put “Renew Hap and Leonard” in the subject line or something to that effect.

Feel free to adjust the following text as you wish:

Dear Sundance,

“Hap and Leonard: The Two-Bear Mambo” was the best season that the show has ever had. The story of the guys going to racist Grovetown to find Florida was just the setup for a complex and engaging mystery. The ending is something the fans will be talking about years. 

The one thing that you all have to know is how socially relevant the show was this year. The Grovetown racism, a missing black woman, and the struggle to understand how such evil works forced so many conversations from viewers. These were conversations that this country needed right now. “Hap and Leonard” was like therapy.

For those reasons and many more, I am asking you to renew the show for a fourth season. You can’t just stop the show after the best and most socially relevant season its ever had. Seasons 1 and 2 were the guys finding their stride. In “Two-Bear Mambo,” everything finally came together. So, give us a fourth season of the guys, and we can once again enjoy them at their best.

A Hap and Leonard Fan Always,

[Your Name]

Adjust the text as you wish. We, the Hap and Leonard fandom, just ask that you send something to the execs today. Maybe send it again before the week is up.

Also, continue to like, share, retweet, etc.

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One thought on “Please Renew Our Boys “Hap and Leonard”: A Letter To AMC Sundance

  1. The books were much better. The show toned down Leonard’s conservatism which was irrelevant to the times, Leonard hated fascists and commies more than me, and the world isn’t as racist as you believe it is, this isn’t anything like 1820 so please don’t think it is. Ask my 80 year old black neighbors what racism is and they will tell you that a bunch of pants sagging thieves that get beat up and shot by cops isn’t a problem. Statistically more honks are beaten and killed by cops than non whites. Racism was almost dead until brainwashed kids started thinking they are oppressed because thug cops kill people. News flash kids, this has been happening since the dawn of police. You’re not immune to it!


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