Why the Black Community Needs to Uplift Our Black Trans Sisters and Nonbinary Members

My latest story for People’s World garnered some great praise from the Human Rights Campaign. You can read the article here. Black Transgender Community Carries Extra Heavy Burden

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I am writing this as another trans woman was murdered, the 8th this year. So many people are giving lip service to the cause, saying it must stop. No one is offering solutions. Write my Congressmen? Sure, we all can do that, but what’s next. How can we activate in our own communities to help our sisters who are more endangered than black women?

I don’t have answers–yet. My next article on the topic will be a resource guide for those who want to and for our trans sisters who need it. If you know of a cause, post it in the comments or send it to me. Pastor McBride said that we all need to do our part. First, we need to know what that is.